How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Cannabis Plants

How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites On Cannabis Plants

Spider mites are considered as a common cannabis pest. It can be very problematic to protect cannabis plants and get rid of spider mites due to their powerful capabilities.  They are named as spider mites due to their property of creating a web around cannabis leaves and flowers.

Reasons why spider mites are harmful to cannabis plants

Here are a few reasons why spider mites cause problems for cannabis growers and damage cannabis plants.

  • The reproduction of spider mites is very fast. A million mites can reproduce in a very short time period i.e. less than a month.
  • Spider mites are so tiny that they are hard to notice and they possess a special ability that they can become immune to killing methods and killer sprays.
  • Spider mites feed on chlorophyll. They disrupt the process of photosynthesis by destroying chlorophyll and it can cause starvation; and  eventually death of cannabis plants.  
  • They can result in a big infestation in a short time period. Due to webbing and high resistance just like zombies, spider mites can ruin the entire cannabis crop if effective preventive measures are not taken in time. 

Eradication methods to get rid of spider mites 

A long-term approach is required if you want to eradicate spider mites completely from your cannabis crop. There exists multiple ways to prevent their infestation which are listed as follows:

  • Using organic compost mulch/lady bugs

Organic compost mulch involves predatory mites that eat spider mites. Ladybugs are also well-known for being natural predators of spider mites in this regard, they can kill spider mites and are beneficial for cannabis plants.

  • Using hard water spray

Use a water spray on cannabis plants multiple times in a row following a routine (i.e. 3 mornings consistently). Due to water pressure, spider mites fall to the ground and are unable to move. Lack of food can eventually cause their death.

  • Using vacuum cleaner

A handheld vacuum cleaner can suck the spider mites straight off of cannabis leaves. It is a bit time consuming process but it can remove spider mites in an effective way. The benefit of this method is that all the lifecycle stages of the spider mites will get targeted by the vacuum cleaner.

  • Using home-made killing solutions

A mixture of home-made solutions such as mixing a spoon of bleach in a bottle of water or mixing alcohol in water, can help in getting rid of spider mites on cannabis plants. 


Analyze the growth of your cannabis plants thoroughly and if you feel symptoms of spider mites then opt the best available method. As explained above, spider mites actively reappear on cannabis plants even after application of various eradication methods. Therefore, it is necessary to keep employing preventive strategies on regular basis without any negligence.  In case, if you use commercial sprays then read the instructions carefully and apply them with great care.

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