Recreational marijuana shop opens in Clio

The city of Clio joins other communities in Mid Michigan, in allowing the sale of recreational marijuana

Freddie’s is the first business licensed to sell recreational marijuana in the Clio-Thetford Township area.

Dozens filled the store on Dort Highway in Clio, Saturday morning.

People age 21 and older can now legally purchase recreational marijuana in the state of Michigan.

Freddie’s started out as a medical marijuana dispensary last August and was granted a license to sell recreational marijuana earlier this


“We are very excited to bring additional revenue to the community, that is economically, it could surely use it. The money is going into the county, school fund and to our roads, to fix our roads, we know those are needed and additional money to Thetford Township,” said Freddie’s owner, Barry Goodman.

Freddie’s owners say they plan on expanding this year, creating more jobs in Mid Michigan.

Costanza Kelley

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