Medical marijuana shop eyes June opening date in Big Rapids

BIG RAPIDS — As many businesses remain closed due to the coronavirus, one medical marijuana center is moving forward with its plans to open in the city of Big Rapids.

Though they are still in the application process, Premiere Provisions Purchaser Ken Bryant said he is hoping to open sometime in June.

Premiere Provisions will be located at 714 Perry Ave. in Big Rapids, filling a former vacant restaurant — The Dog Dish.

Bryant is working with his father and brother, co-owners Ken and Aaron Byrant, to make the center a reality.

“We’re a family-operated store,” Ken Bryant said. “We got going in the industry when we saw that medical was definitely a benefit to certain individuals and we really wanted to help people. This will be our first opening with Premiere.”

“We’ve always liked the college towns,” he added.

He said his family operated a similar establishment in Ann Arbor before moving to Big Rapids.

“(The coronavirus) is somewhat affecting our opening date,” Ken Bryant said, noting they normally have big openings, but because of the pandemic, they will be changing to a soft opening to avoid large gatherings.

During their soft opening, Bryant said they may begin with offering curbside delivery, something many businesses are currently doing during.

Offering a number of items including clothing and apparel, Bryant said new customers will have the chance to sit down with a budtender and learn more about medical marijuana. Customers also will have an expedited section offering the chance to order their products ahead of time and pick it up.

As well as offering different products, Bryant said the business is hoping to offer educational opportunities as well.

“We’re looking to put out a lot of short, educational videos to where it’s going to be a lot of information and a new knowledge that we’re hoping to provide to residents in understanding how cannabis can be responsibly used,” he said.

“It helps to spread the word, give back to the community and also educates the community on the things that are going on with cannabis. It kind of helps break the stigma.”

Bryant said the establishment is also hoping to bring in doctors and different training sessions where residents could visit the store and ask any questions they may have.

Though Bryant is looking forward to opening Premiere Provisions in Big Rapids, customers have a little ways to wait until they can officially open their doors.

“We want everyone to stay safe and stay home until we know we have this thing beat … so we can all come in and enjoy all being together as one again,” Bryant said.

To stay up to date on Premiere Provisions, visit or follow “Premiere Provisions” on Facebook.

Update on other marijuana shops coming to town:

• Mother Nurtures LLC said they are currently at a standstill until Gov. Gretchen Whitmer lifts the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order.

“Due to the Governor’s strict ban, and the fact that the city of Big Rapids is closed until May 1, we have not been able to advance,” Mother Nurtures LLC primary shareholder Michael Vlasich said. “We’re just kind of on a holding pattern.”

Mother Nurtures LLC is looking to open their medical marijuana provisioning center at 520 S. Third Ave. However, because of the coronavirus, the opening date has been pushed.

“We’re still there. We still want to be a partner, and we’re excited to go when we’re allowed to do it safely,” Vlasich said.

“We still hopefully anticipate getting through the whole process and hopefully open before Thanksgiving or hopefully around Halloween.”

• Freddie’s cannabis dispensary recently began their delivery service but have yet to open their store located at 840 Clark St., Big Rapids – the former Great Lakes Book and Supply location.

Hoping to open mid-April, Freddie’s co-owner Barry Goodman said the opening date has been pushed back because of the coronavirus. He said they are now looking to open late summer.

Goodman said once their establishment is open, they are also hoping to welcome other vendors to rent out space in their store.

Costanza Kelley

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