Watering and Flushing Marijuana Plants in 2021


Water is a basic requirement of all plants but it is crucial to provide an appropriate amount of water to marijuana plants considering the fact that the water demand constantly varies according to the growth and fluctuations in climate. In order to hydrate marijuana plants in a proper way, follow the below mentioned tips. 

  • It is necessary for the roots of  marijuana plants to go through a healthy cycle of getting wet and getting dry for growth. Over-watering can cause death of roots due to excessive supply of   oxygen. 
  • Leaves of marijuana plants give an estimation about water-level conditions. Yellow and brown leaves refer to an under-watered marijuana plant. On the other hand, dark green color and curly tips of leaves refer to over-watered marijuana plants. In both cases marijuana plant gets weak and looks droopy.   768
  • Watering schedule is required to follow for high quality yield. 
  • Various factors such as size, environmental temperature and growth stage of marijuana plants affect their demand for water intake. Outdoor marijuana plants require more water due to direct exposure to heat and light.
  • If marijuana plants get an appropriate amount of water then roots become bright white with a strong and thick structure. 

Role of Flushing in growth process

Flushing is an integral part in the  growth process of marijuana plants.

It is done in order to maintain a healthy life cycle of plants and flushing helps in overcoming the problem of nutrient imbalance in plants.  In case if marijuana plants do not allow to absorb new nutrients then a flush becomes essential to avoid potential risks.

Method to flush marijuana plant

  • First of all,  it is important to ensure that the pH level should be between 6.0 and 6.8 for marijuana plants.
  • Provide water to the marijuana plants  in replacement of injecting any nutrients or supplements in them as per schedule. Avoid over-watering to prevent plant damages.
  • Repeat the process as per need. In order to ensure the success of the flush, employ a TDS reader to gauge the total dissolved solids and determine the runoff of water in marijuana plants.
  • Pay special attention if the leaf buds turn yellowish in color in the pre-harvest flush. After the flushing process, marijuana plants will become lighter in color and it is a sign that they are now prepared to be harvested.

Conditions when to flush marijuana plant

Flushing is required in case of three conditions mentioned below.

  • Pre-harvest flush
  • Abrupt variation in nutrition cycle
  • Nutrient lockdown

Usually flushing marijuana plants normally is done two weeks before harvesting. It is advised to flush at the beginning or the end of a day when plants can be misted to avoid overhydration. 


Flushing gives a fresh start to marijuana plants so they can grow in a healthy manner. Timing plays a crucial role in this process as too early flushing can limit nutrients and prevent the marijuana plants from growing and flowering. It can also result in yellowing or discoloration of marijuana  leaves. Therefore, appropriate methods and cycles are needed to take into account for watering and flushing marijuana plants.

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