Things to Know Before Choosing Your Marijuana Fertilizer in 2021

Things to Know Before Choosing Your Marijuana Fertilizer in 2021

Since the use of marijuana has been legalised, it is important to grow healthy plants to meet the increasing market demands. The use of fertilisers plays an important role in the growth and development of marijuana plants and it is essential to provide sufficient nutrients to them. 

Research shows fertilizers contain hazardous chemicals which can further cause various cancers, kidney, liver, and urinary tract infections. Additionally, fertilizers also contain heavy metals, such as the blend of aluminium, mercury, cadmium, and lead which can be toxic for the plants. While buying fertilizers, make sure that it should be free of chemicals as they can eventually cause harm to the marijauna plants. Following are some points to keep in mind while purchasing the fertilizers:


While there are many varieties of fertilizers available, select the one which has moisture concentration and aeration of the soil in it. The key factor to consider is that the soil which is used to grow marijuana plants is damp and is able to absorb and withstand the water without drenching the plant into it. Not only moisture, but aeration is significant too. The chemical added to the soil is an important aspect in shaping the growth of marijuan plants.


The processing of marijunana products often results in experiencing unpleasant flavours when smoked. It is due to the fact that the fertilizers are used to make the marijuana plants grow at a fast pace. To prevent this pungent flavor, organic fertilizers are beneficial.


Regardless of the reason for growing marijuana crops, either for commercial benefits or for your own personal use, it is important to consider the development and production rates of marijuana plants. The ideal fertilizer is the one that can help in both development and yield of the marijuana plants.


Cannabis growers need to keep a check on the pH of the soil while they are planting marijuana plants. Plants won’t just grow if you are providing them with soil and fertilizers, keeping a pH balance is important as well and it should be considered keenly. Optimum pH should be provided in order to achieve ideal results. Professionals believe that the optimum pH of the soil should lie in the range between 6.0 and 7.0. Making it more acidic can also show better results. Marijuana growers can regulate a pH level by adding nutrients, and chemicals and even by flushing the soil as per need.


It is safe to say that it all depends on the choice of fertilizer being selected and then, used for the efficient growth of the marijuana plants in order to meet the desired goals. There are plenty of different fertilizers in the market, but research studies show that earthworm castings are the best choice in the market since it contains the maximum amount of nutrients that are required by the marijuana plants. In addition to it, earthworm castings  are also free of any synthetic products and help with the aeration by locking the moisture and upgrading the germination rates as well.

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