Happy FRYday! Marijuana Delivery Service Begins in Grand Rapids

Admit it, getting up and having to put pants on to leave the house, can be a total buzz kill. Even for weed. So I’d say we just hit the jackpot.

Starting today, and every Friday thereafter, you can get pot delivered to your door in the Grand Rapids area. Freddie’s Joint, a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in Clio, MI, is now expanding its service.

According to FOX 17, customers must have their orders placed at least a couple days ahead because they will only be in the area on Friday’s.https://7289d2e54a5f7083897889acc4a60ec5.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

This is also the only dispensary of its kind in the state that’s offering home delivery at this scale. Clio is almost two hours away from G.R. so consider this a high-class service 😉

Since the pandemic, a study from a couple months ago, found that Michigan is blazing it up at home more than any other state. No shame. Look at it this way, at least you know potheads are doing their due diligence by staying home and staying healthy. Well… the healthy part might be debatable, because munchies, duh.

Five Out-Of-The-Way, Inexpensive Grand Rapids Restaurants

Lai Thai Kitchen, 1621 Leonard NE.

Situated in a non-descript strip mall, a friend turned me onto Lai Thai Kitchen a few years ago because of their great all you can eat lunch buffet. I have since found out they have some pretty good dinner delights as well. What makes them exceptional is their ability to offer a pretty wide ranging Asian menu at an affordable price. Come for the Pho with steak, stay for the many varieties of Pad Thai.

Zesty Gyros, 1971 East Beltline.

Just south of the Knapp Corners Meijer you’ll find Zesty Gyros. This hidden gem will fill any Mediterrean dining dish you’re missing in your life. The Chicken Shawarma is delicious enough, but you can get a shawarma/gyros combo plate for under ten bucks. Order the Black Castle platter, you won’t regret it.

The Elbow Room, 501 Fuller NE

Sometimes you just need a good burger from a dive bar. The thing about that is I wouldn’t call the Elbow Room a dive bar. Nicely appointed, the atmosphere and the burgers are really good, if a little crowded on a Friday night (which is a good sign). I was once told the bar was a hang out for guys who just got out of the County lock up across the street. If that’s the case, those guys know a good burger when they smell it.

Fat Boy, 2450 Plainfield NE

Too many diners have veered away from the simple things that make diners great like good coffee and a solid line up of omelettes. It’s a simple menu, but it’s good and low priced. I’ve never been to Fat Boy for anything but their magnificent breakfast, but if the burgers are half as good as their ‘kitchen sink’ omelet, it’s worth the trip as well. Fat Boy is what a diner should be.

The Grist Mill, 8000 Cannonsburg Rd. NE

Located in the only gas station in Cannonsburg, I stumbled upon The Grist Mill while biking one summer afternoon and needed sustenance to pedal back home. I’ve been coming back without my bike ever since. The deli not only has a full selection of good sandwiches, they also offer up salads and homemade sausages. A nice place to stop after an active afternoon hiking in the fall or skiing in the winter.

Costanza Kelley

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