Freddie’s in Clio to begin curbside pickup & online ordering for marijuana

CLIO, Mich. – Freddie’s pot shop has announced that they will be offering customers opportunities to purchase marijuana.

Customers can now place orders online and pickup their purchases in the Freddie’s parking lot curbside.

Customers can still come into Freddie’s if they so choose to make purchases at this time.

“We commend the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency for allowing these news options for our customers,” Nicole and Barry Goodman, Freddie’s owners said. “During these trying times we are doing everything we can to help make people’s lives easier.”

“We’re here to make people happy,” the Goodman’s added. “However you come to Freddie’s, we want you happier when you leave.”

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency in a statement issued yesterday stating:

“Temporarily, the MRA will allow curbside pickup. Customers may remain in their parked vehicle, in the parking lot of a licensed provisioning center or adult-use retailer. Customers may complete an order including payment for their product via the internet or they may place their order once parked at the facility. An employee from the licensed facility or adult-use establishment is permitted to complete the sales transaction by interacting with the customer in the parking lot and recording the necessary information into the statewide monitoring system. The employee must validate all customer information as required by the MMFLA Administrative Rules or the MRTMA Emergency Rules.”

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To order online customers need to go to the Freddie’s website: to place an order. The order can either be picked up in the Freddie’s parking lot or in the shop.

If you come to Freddie’s and do not wish to come into the shop “curbside” service will be available. Customers can call 810-547-7276 to initiate a curbside order and pickup.

The rules to purchase marijuana remain in place. To purchase medical marijuana, patients must have a valid medical marijuana patient card. To purchase adult recreational marijuana, customers must be 21 or older and have a valid ID.

Costanza Kelley

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