How To Cure Marijuana Buds in 2021

How To Cure Marijuana Buds

Flower seeds or marijuana plants can be saved and used for future growth, but if flower buds are cured correctly. The seeds get ruined if they are harshly dried. It is commonly believed that curing marijuana buds results in a stronger potency effect and improved taste. Usually, the curing process is lengthy and can take many weeks to complete. Apparently, it seems like a hectic procedure but resultantly it turns harsh buds into smooth ones that produce smoke having strong potency.

Curing process

The curing process involves two phases. 

  • Drying Phase
  • Curing Phase

Important aspects that affect curing process

Following are the factors that are necessary to consider while curing marijuana buds.  A basic understanding about do’s and don’ts is important for better outcomes. 

  • Avoid heat and light exposure 

Light can affect the taste and potency of marijuana buds in an ineffective manner because it degrades cannabinoids i.e. THC and terpenes during the curing process, so it is essential to keep marijuana buds in a dark place i.e. cupboard or box. Another way to store marijuana buds is to keep them in glass jars that prevent visible light. Similarly, heat also causes degradation of THC and terpene, potentially minimizing their effect and damaging marijuana buds. Therefore, it is necessary to place marijuana jars at a cool place where an ideal room temperature exists.  

  • Provide optimum humidity

An optimum level of humidity is required for good results. In an Ideal condition, cannabis flowers should be dried at an indoor place with a 45–55% humidity level. This will produce a dry and bit soft exterior and a more humid interior of marijuana buds.  At the curing phase, the humidity level is slightly maximized to an ideal degree of approximately  62%.

Appropriate method to cure marijuana buds

Curing is simply a matter of correct timings in a controlled environment. By enclosing dried marijuana flowers into an airtight glass jars, we allow the humidity residing inside the flowers to rehydrate the outside, without damaging the buds. The significant steps involved in the application of curing process are as follows:

1. Trim marijuana buds
In order to initiate the curing process, it is required to dry marijuana flowers considering factors explained above. If marijuana buds are dried individually, then it is good to proceed ahead. If the buds are dried as a bunch of branches, then trimming of marijuana buds becomes inevitable. Separate each bud one after another and remove sugar leaves while trimming.

2. Stash marijuana flowers
After trimming, it is required to store marijuana stash into airtight jars. Glass jars are a good option to serve the purpose. It is better to fill the jar to 75% capacity leaving some space for air. Evaluate the progress of the process by shaking a jar gently. If marijuana buds move around the glass freely, then these are dried otherwise more time is needed in order to dry.

3. Cure marijuana buds with optimal humidity
It is necessary to place marijuana buds in cool and dark places to prevent any loss. The storage medium should maintain a temperature of 21°C and a humidity level of 60–65%. In order to measure humidity, a hygrometer can be used.

4. Maintain humidity level
At an initial phase, it is good to inspect marijuana buds two times a day. Give special attention to any mould formation and open jars for a few minutes so that fresh air can be exchanged. If humidity level maximizes the threshold value then allow air exchange for a longer period of time. On the contrary, if humidity level is reduced below an optimum value then air exchange is not needed.

5. Experience better outcomes
By taking appropriate measures in order to regulate optimal humidity, marijuana buds will be well cured after 3 weeks and produce smoke with better taste providing an exciting experience to marijuana consumers.

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