Consumption of cannabis by Adults

Cannabis consumption has increased over the years and it is the most widely used drug by adults in western states. As cannabis status for (medical and recreational) has been legalized in many states, its use among adults has increased popularly. 

Among adults, it is being used in multiple forms such as grass, weed and pot. Adults smoke, drink, eat and even vape it for recreational and pleasure purposes. While it is recommended by doctors for many medical symptoms, it also leaves harmful effects on health if someone gets addictive or dosage is high. Cannabis is composed of components (dopamine, THC, CBD) that can affect mind, body and health if used excessively for a long time period.

Research Facts

Research has shown teen/adults have a higher rate of developing addiction as compared to older people. 

Social activities, school routine and education life of adults is mainly affected negatively by cannabis use. 

Multiple studies state that adults who do not join college have 13 percent more rate of marijuana use as compared to college going people.

Frequent cannabis intake among adults (19 to 22 years) affects the immune system thus lowering physical and cognitive capabilities.

Adult_lifetime_cannabis_use_by_country states detailed information on cannabis use by adults country wise over the years.

Consumption Methods used by Adults

  Although smoking is most common and quickest way but adults now a days adopt variety of ways:

  • Cigarette roll ups
  • Pipes 
  • Bong or water pipes
  • Blunt cigars (filled with cannabis)
  • Resins containing higher THC proportion
  • Vape
  • Eatable items (cannabis added in brownies, cookies, coffee, snacks or other food items)

Effects on Adults

THC attacks brain receptors and causes both pleasurable and negative effects on the human body. At one hand it makes people feel good and relaxed but also modulate/influence some other brain function i.e. memory, movement and concentration.

Feel “High”

Dopamine cells in the body are activated by THC as it enters the bloodstream in adults.  When adults smoke cannabis, it reaches peak level in less than thirty minutes and then can take many hours for a person to get sober.

Mental Health

If used excessively, marijuana can create depression signs among adults such as anxious, panicked and scared. Mental disorder is caused when a person feels or sees things that are not real and develop feelings of paranoia. 

Increased Appetite

Adults feel hungrier when they regularly intake cannabis. This is termed as “Munchies” and studies also suggest that this effect can help people, who are suffering from AIDS or Cancer, gain weight quickly.

Heartbeat Issues  

Heartbeat standard number is 50 or 70 beats per minute in normal people. But it has been noticed if adults use pots/vape then heart beats at a rate of 120 per minute and escalate the heart attack and stroke chances.

Brain Damage

Short term effects on the brain include memory loss and make it hard to focus, learn or remember something until you get sober. Brains of adults are sometimes changed physically and IQ levels are continuously affected by cannabis.

Cannabis consumption comes with many risks if heavy use is started by youngsters. Adults get addicted more quickly and get hooked if they use it on a daily basis. Body becomes dependent on cannabis and if not consumed in required quantities, it generates irritation, insomnia, criminal behavior, suicidal thoughts, lack of appetite and restlessness. 

Rise of Cannabis Use Among Adults 

Dramatic growth in consumption of cannabis is noticed in past years. It has produced curiosity among researchers to study the level of drug use among adults. It cannot be denied that cannabis provides some health benefits, but the fact that teens and adults are more vulnerable to its harmful effects, cannot be ignored.

There are several notable reasons for the hype of marijuana among young adults these days. Some of popular ones are:

  1. Cannabis Availability

Getting hands on marijuana has become easier than ever for adults as it is legalized for many purposes. On college levels students are hardly under supervision and get more privacy which in turn provides them with opportunity to use cannabis. Approximately forty percent of college students have access to marijuana and its use has also been increased especially in the college year.

  1. Sense of Relief

College students develop more anxiety levels than older. They consume cannabis to treat their mental health and mood swings. Many adults have reported that they intake cannabis to acquire relief from stress, pressure, tension, insomnia, physical pain, grief and fear. 

  1. Perceive Cannabis is Harmless

Due to some of its health benefits proved by studies, many people wrongly believe that marijuana is harmless. Adults get appealed by this illicit material thinking that they can self treat themselves. But in reality, cannabis utilization alters senses causing memory and coordination issues.

It weakens the immune system in adults and lungs are greatly affected by smoking regularly.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, adults also feel good by using marijuana since it helps them to eradicate boredom, experience deep insights, get an escape from tensions and to relieve frustration etc.

Final Thoughts 

Teenagers and adults must be aware of pros and cons associated with cannabis use, and how it affects their current and future life decisions. Moreover, researchers and scientists need to develop a strategy for averting cannabis intake in adults but before that they must explore the reasons and factors that motivate adults to use cannabis in the first place. 

Costanza Kelley

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