Clio-area dispensary offering curbside marijuana pickup during coronavirus pandemic

THETFORD TOWNSHIP, MI — A Clio-area dispensary is offering customers the option to order online and pick up cannabis products at the shop’s curb.

In order to limit exposure to the coronavirus, Michigan is temporarily allowing curbside pickup at marijuana stores across the state.

Michigan temporarily allowing curbside marijuana pickup amid coronavirus concerns

“We commend the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency for allowing these new options for our customers,” said Nicole and Barry Goodman, Freddie’s owners, in a statement. “During these trying times we are doing everything we can to help make people’s lives easier.”

Customers can order online at Freddie’s website. The order can either be picked up in the Freddie’s parking lot or in the shop at at 10092 N Dort Highway. They can also call 810-547-7276 to initiate a curbside order and pickup.

Clio-area dispensary to start selling recreational marijuana

“We’re here to make people happy,” the Goodman’s statement continues. “However you come to Freddie’s, we want you happier when you leave.”

Freddie’s opened as a medical marijuana dispensary in August of 2019 and started selling recreational marijuana at the end of February.

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