Characteristics of Recreational and Medical Marijuana Use

Although medical and recreational marijuana belong to the same species of plant, the cannabis breeders can modify the chemical characteristics of different extensions of cannabis. Usually, recreational marijuana has a high degree of cannabinoid “THC”, the chemical compound that results in the psychoactive high, but the medical marijuana has a lower degree of THC so consumers can treat their medical illness without getting harmed. 

Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana refers to the use of cannabis for personal joy and enjoyment rather than for medical  purposes i.e. as a cure of unhealthy diseases. The recreational consumption of marijuana can be compared with medical marijuana in a way that medical marijuana refers to the prescribed consumption of cannabis (i.e as per doctors recommendation) in order to heal ailments.

Characteristics of recreational marijuana

Recreational marijuana use is a very occasional, and irregular or frequent way of spending leisure time; it is consumed to get high and enjoy the moment. There is no obligation regarding its consumption. The consumer is easily able to decide whether  to consume marijuana or not depending upon its availability or when it is offered for free; there is no any compulsion regarding marijuana consumption in this particular scenario. It is preferred to consume it in small amounts as it is highly reactive. The consumer can get adapted to it easily if he consumes it in a small amount to experience its mild effect, without having the desire to get addicted or having high dosage of it. The recreational consumption of marijuana takes place in social settings; it is not intended to consume recreational marijuana to assist a person in case of medical symptoms such as in stimulating the appetite, alleviating pain or to be used as a cure of any toxic disease.

Risks associated with Recreational Marijuana Use 

However, it is necessary to know that the excessive use of  recreational marijuana may lead to serious health risks. It can also result in an abrupt turn to cannabis use disorder. So consumers should get to know that the use of recreational marijuana can become problematic. According to the research stats, almost one in 10 people who consume marijuana get addicted to it. The use marijuana for recreational purposes can also have adverse effects such as extreme behaviour, changes in mood, perception, thoughts and ideas about oneself or other people. If someone suffers from cannabis use disorder then it is significant to seek help and guidance from designated resources. Acquiring right assistance can enhance the likelihood that  recreational marijauana use will be effective.

Medical Marijuana

The main goal of consuming medical marijuana is to alleviate symptoms (such as pain) of health related symptoms rather than to get high for enjoyment purposes. Marijuana has been used for a long time period to treat a variety of ailments. Currently, it is used to heal many different health conditions, which are mentioned below:

  • Epilepsy
  • Excessive stress
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anorexia
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle spasms
  • Wasting syndrome
  • Alzheimer syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Migraines
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Post traumatic stress disorder

Characteristics of medical marijuana

In most states, it is compulsory to acquire a prescription from a doctor/advisor before the legal consumption of medical marijuana. After getting a prescription, the next move is to choose the product for its consumption. Most of the vendors of medical marijuana recognize all the medical marijuana products and they know which product works best in which health situation, so it is a great idea to ask for guidance. However, there are always some risks associated with it, so it is necessary to get attentive in all circumstances. Once an appropriate product as per case has been decided, the next step is to decide the method of consumption. Instead of smoking, vaping, inhaling, and rubbing the oil on your gums, it is best to use cannabis edibles to relieve symptoms and heal without having any side effects. Cannabis edibles are also best for a long lasting effect of medical marijuana. 

Medical marijuana does not intend to be consumed in a stand-alone mode but it is expected to be consumed in conjunction with conventional medicine. For example, a patient is not probably able to cure their cancer with solo marijuana consumption, but the treatment will get effective by consuming marijuana in conjunction with chemoradiotherapy, it may enhance the treatment’s efficacy alongwith relieving unpleasant side effects (such as pain) of these long treatments. Although it holds true that much extended research is still needed to be done, since marijuana is generally accepted as safe as compared to other drugs, there is a need to explore all of its facets fully and investigate more opportunities of how it can assist in medical conditions. 

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