Cannabis usage in Medical Industry

Legitimate landscape of marijuana has vastly changed in many countries over the years. Many cultures have a history of using cannabis for medicinal purposes and even in the modern world, many people have access to medical drugs derived from cannabis. 

Research Limitations

Due to inclusion of cannabis name in “controlled substances” list, clinical research approach for this plant has been at limitations. Complications aside, it still implies in treating various symptoms and has been granted legal in many states for treating medical indications. Talking about the US, the DEA stated marijuana same as heroin and does not permit its usage for research. Being classified as schedule I drug, a special license is required by anyone who wants to conduct medical research on it.

Medical Cannabis

MMJ medical marijuana is termed as herbal drug extracted from genus Cannabis is used for medical treatment for multiple conditions. Cannabinoids denote the chemicals which are present in cannabis plants. Although there are 100 types of these chemicals each with specific effects on the human body, the popular ones are: CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol). The “high” effect is particularly produced by THC every time people use this type for smoking or in foods containing THC. 

How it effects human body system

Endocannabinoid is a complex system in humans with which the cannabis interacts mostly. The receptors of this system are located in fat, brain and muscles. The THC and CBD molecules bind with endocannabinoid receptors to create a reaction. This reaction can cure pain, stress, appetite, digestive system and immune system. 

  • CBD is also proven to cure seizures, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, vomiting and sleeping issues. 
  • It can also slow down tumor growth by killing cancer cells. 
  • Treat chronic pains like arthritis and neuropathic pain.

Authorized Medical Products

Marketing authorization means a lot in developing a medical drug because it goes under excessive clinical trials for its safety and efficiency. The raw cannabis is designed for consumption where pharmacists perform the transformation.

We will state four famous legalized products used for medical conditions at a broad level. 

ProductsMarinol and SyndrosSativexEpidiolexCesamet
Contain DronabinolCarry NabiximolsContain CannabidiolComprised of  Nabilone
Cannabis FormTHCCBD & THC in equal proportionCBD (Plant based) THC in synthetic form  

Most common consumption of following authorized products are in use:

  1. Marinol and Syndros: Made from dronabinol and used to cure weight loss in AIDS patients and nausea/vomiting happens during chemotherapy. This is manufactured in the form of oral solutions or capsules.
  1. Sativex: Manufactured from CBD and THC ingredients in almost equal quantities. Its spray is used beneath the tongue or inner side of cheeks for treating stiffness of muscles.
  1. Epidiolex: It is vastly used to treat seizures in people of 2 years or older age by giving an oral solution. It is prepared from plant based CBD.
  1. Cesamet: This contains nabilone as an active ingredient to treat after effects of chemotherapy. It comes in the form of oral capsules.

In addition to above mentioned drugs, the herbs and oils of cannabis have been on sale throughout the EU by making it legalized by the fact that they contain lessen THC. 

Ways of Consumption 

Methods of intoxicating cannabis products is one of vital points to consider while preparing them. The fastest and standard way of consumption is by smoking. But smoking (i.e., by mixing it with tobacco) is prohibited in many countries as it causes lung issues. Other ways of administration include vaporization, mixing in tea, capsules, spray under tongue and through oil drops. In the US, cannabis is mixed in foods (chocolates, bakery items, other edibles) for dosing.

Risks/Side Effects of Using Medical Cannabinoid

Nausea and irritability often occurs after using cannabis. CBD is sold in supplement form and there is no proven evidence which states that cannabis cures specific medical situations in an effective way. It can cause thinning your blood and depression signs and hallucination. Increasing heartbeat level and low blood pressure are short term events associated with dosage of cannabinoids. Recreational cannabis, when used for long term, can cause serious physical and mental problems. A person becomes highly dependent on cannabis dose if use it for a long term and thus find it difficult to resist/leave its use. Inhaled through smoking, CBD generates chronic bronchitis in people who are in early adulthood.


It is a complex series of approaches to make cannabis use legal and beneficial for medical means. People still need a written prescription from a licensed pharmacist to use medicated marijuana. We recommend that only if a person qualifies certain conditions i.e. it does not leave a severe effect on other medication you are taking at same time, only then you must rely on these products. 

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