How Cannabis Oil Works to Kill Cancer

How Cannabis Oil Works To Kill Cancer

At present, all derivatives and products of cannabis contain two active components THC and CBD. Cannabis oils or products possessing a zero to >0.3 percent ratio of THC are considered legal. The ratio of THC and CBD varies in cannabis oils depending upon the source of cannabis plants. Research studies suggest that cannabis oils can help in coping with the symptoms of cancer and their potential side effects. Prior to getting into the details of how cannabis oil works for the treatment of cancer, let’s read about different types of cannabis oils.

Types of Cannabis Oils

While choosing cannabis oil as per your need, it is important to know the amount of THC and CBD present in it. The most common types of cannabis oil are as follows: 

  • CBD oil – It does not contain THC, it only possesses CBD. 
  • Hemp-derived oil – Alike cannabis plants, hemp also provides cannabis oil but it is not as good in quality as cannabis oils derived from cannabis plants. Hemp-derived oil only contains CBD and zero amount of THC.
  • Marijuana-derived oil – It is extracted from the cannabis plant but in the form of dried leaves and buds. It contains a high ratio of THC and hence has psychoactive effects.
  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) – It contains a high ratio of THC and very little to zero ratios of CBD.

Consumption of Cannabis Oil

Most commonly, cannabis oils can be consumed in the form of liquids and capsules. An intake of cannabis edibles that contain some proportion of cannabis oils in them, can also fulfill respective requirements.

Cannabis Oil and Cancer

As cancer refers to an abnormal mutation of cells, the medicinal cannabinoids present in cannabis oil are considered to be helpful in removing abnormal cancer cells particularly in the early stages of cancer. The scientific research done so far in research labs showed mixed results in this regard. Findings reflect that various cannabinoids can stop the growth of cancerous cells and hence minimizes the ability of cancer to spread in the body by destroying cell growth. In order to alleviate post-chemo side effects which include nausea, fatigue, vomiting, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, immune suppression, and neuropathic pain, chemotherapy patients are also referred to use cannabis oil. 

Although CBD oil is used to deal with the anxiety, relieving pain, and after effects of chemotherapy due to its therapeutic effects but previous researches suggest that it can affect the functions of the liver and cause dizziness and mouth dryness. 

Most of the research findings are concluded from lab experiments or animal-based studies. Therefore, state-of-the-art research is needed in order to investigate the potential of anti-cancer characteristics of cannabis oils with respect to human subjects. Exploring CBD oil and its use to cure symptoms of cancer may also be challenging due to the consideration of ethical issues. It is highly recommended to take into account the flavor of CBD oil, instructions mentioned on its packaging, and CBD potency mentioned on labels while choosing CBD oil for medicinal purposes.

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  1. I had I had stage 3 melanoma which spread to my lymph nodes. I did 3 months of cannabis oil, 3X a day, and now am cancer free a year later. I had a perfect CT scan (Sept 2018), a perfect brain scan (Feb 2019), a perfect PET scan (2020) and recently another perfect PET scan. No cancer anywhere!

    I didn’t do any other form of treatment. No surgeries, no chemo, nothing.

    I got my oil through Rick.
    “Rick Simpson” ([email protected])

    Thanks for reading..

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