How To Reduce Cannabis Cultivation Costs in an Oversaturated Market

How To Reduce Cannabis Cultivation Costs In An Oversaturated Market

As we know that cannabis cultivation is a hectic process that requires a lot of hard work and resources.  It involves initial investment costs for essential supplies, followed by expenses to maintain soil, seeds, nutrients, and fertilizers. In order to create an artificial environment for indoor cannabis, additional costs are invested ON artificial lighting and electricity bills. In order to minimize the costs associated with cannabis cultivation, it is important to understand the key aspects that could make a beneficial difference. A few ways  to diminish unnecessary expenses are explained below. Let’s dive in. 

1.  Analyze energy usage in financial terms

Indoor cannabis cultivation requires energy resources such as electric lights and electric fans to maintain optimum temperature. So, the utility bills are the major reason for higher costs.  It is necessary to measure the energy usage with smart meters and you should know that there exists a range of energy institutions that offer free audits for various businesses including cannabis businesses.

2. Employ energy saving bulbs

Classic lighting sources such as sodium lamps take a lot of electric energy and result in a significant  increase in electricity bills. Employing power-saving lighting solutions, for example,  semi or fully automated LED, would be beneficial in a number of aspects. In addition to reduced costs of electricity bills, these are easy to adjust anywhere as per the requirements of cannabis plants.

3. Use proper insulation 

An effective insulation of indoor cannabis crops is important for a healthy growth of plants to ensure the provision of a perfectly adjusted environment. Use insulated distributive pipes that would maintain an optimum temperature even at extreme conditions. Proper insulation saves energy as it reduces the degree of energy consumed by the HVAC system due to over-time working. 

4. Take special care of cannabis roots

The roots are the integral part of the cannabis plant in the matter of heating/cooling. If the roots are well nourished and looked after with great care, the cannabis plants are able to tolerate extreme temperature conditions. An installment of a geothermal system can help a lot in this regard. 

5.  Don’t invest on unnecessary supplements and nutrients 

It is commonly believed that a “base nutrient line” is the best mixture of nutrients for an effective cannabis cultivation. Extra supplements or nutrients are not required to serve the purpose. The cultivation environment has an effect on the quality of growth as compared to the nutrients. Cannabis growers can reduce financial expenses to an extent by overlooking unnecessary supplements and nutrients.

6. Grow cannabis plants vertically

Another best way to diminish costs of cannabis cultivation is the use of space to its full capacity. Vertical growth is an outstanding solution to the spacing problem. It saves the additional costs required to buy/rent a fully-equipped space as vertical growth enables the adjustment of five times more plants in a specific area.


It is important to plan beforehand if you want to expand cannabis cultivation and acquire an increased yield. The proven strategies to scale up cannabis growth are as follows: 

  • Employing a vertical growing system
  • Analyzing actual requirements of cannabis cultivation
  • Minimizing financial expenses on extra overheads i.e. nutrients, supplements, artificial environmental conditions etc. 
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