Available Forms of Marijuana Use

Marijuana is a psychedelic drug that has been used for years. The most common and traditional form of marijuana is dried cannabis flower while other prevalent of marijuana forms include edibles, concentrates and many more.  Local names for marijuana, such as weed and pot, are also being used to refer to various forms of this substance. Generally, all forms of marijuana  belong to one of these three species of cannabis: cannabis sativa,  cannabis ruderalis  or cannabis indica. Cannabis ruderalis is not widely being used in the United States as it possesses low potency while cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and their hybrid compounds are the most commonly used types of marijuana. Lets get familiar with the available forms of marijuana mentioned below:

Forms of Marijuana Use

  • Traditional leaves
  • Powdered leaves
  • Hashish
  • Tea or juice
  • Tincture
  • Honey butane oil
  • Concentrates (Shatter, Wax)

Traditional leaves

Consumers who desire to have an experience of typical, traditional marijuana use plain  leaves, stems, and buds of marijuana. All of these components of the marijuana plant contain active chemicals and provide high potency experience. There exist various ways to consume marijuana leaves. It is often consumed via smoking cigarettes and inhaling vapors. All of these means are easy and low-tech to feel a marijuana high. But an adverse side effect of its consumption using these methods is that the distinctive scent of marijuana gets easily dispersed into the air causing its detection as well as irritating the atmosphere.

Powdered leaves

Powdered leaves of marijuana are smoked through cigarettes and pipes but it needs extra care to get intact with it as there is a higher chance that the powder can get scattered without providing a useful experience. In order to add the powdered marijuana in edible products (i.e. cookies and candies), it is good to convert it into further finest form with the help of the grinding process. 


To avoid the overheads of traditional leaves and powdered marijuana, consumers prefer hashish. Hashish basically involves the sticky resin present in the marijuana plant. Resins are being used in chunks and it can be added into cakes in dried form. Also it can be smoked via pipes. Since hashish contains active organic compounds, for this reason it is regarded as a much more strong form of marijuana. It also dispersed a scent in case of getting smoked.

Tea or juice

The effect of marijuana is at highest when it encounters lungs, but it can also play its role by contacting the digestive system i.e. the stomach. The active element in marijuana is induced in the human body with the help of tea or juices avoiding any harm to lungs. But Teas and juices are not an efficient means to consume marijuana.  The effect of marijuana in this form can last for  maximum up to 8 hours. That could leave some consumers disable for some time while performing tasks such as driving, or looking after children.


Tincture is an edible form of marijuana, and it is growing in use among people with medical symptoms. A tincture prevents the effect of the marijuana on lungs. A typical tincture consists of a simple glycerin and marijuana leaves, and it can be consumed by drinking as it is. The taste might be slightly repulsive and unpleasant, but the effect of the drug is effective. It is difficult or impossible to speed up or stop the effect instantly. Consumers who use tincture to experience marijuana can expect to be under its effect for longer periods.

Honey butane oil

This form of marijuana format does not contain any honey but the yellowish and glossy reflection relates it to honey. Hence, it is named honey butane oil considering its appearance. It is formulated by the process of evaporating butane through a film of marijuana. The leftover residue  can be smoked in a pipe or through a vaporizer in order to feel the effect of marijuana. This particular form of marijuana involves  40-80 percent of THC cannabinoid (the active substance in marijuana). That’s why it is considered the most harmful form of marijuana available today. 


This concentrate of marijuana comes into existence through extraction.  A solvent, such as butane or propane, is passed through buds of marijuana plant, and after processing and a residue left behind is spread on a thin film i.e. sheet until it  gets cool and dry.  That sheet can then be divided into fragments that can be consumed. Marijuana in the form of shatter induces all the effect of the dose in a single massive hit. It can be toxic because the high effect can be overpowering.


Like glass-like or honey-like marijuana substances, wax is also a marijuana substance that is a firmer and seems like a wax. Marijuana in the form of wax is also meant to be consumed by smoking. This form can be 20-30 times more powerful than standard marijuana concentrates. Therefore marijuana in the form of wax is highly addictive and harmful. 


Above mentioned various forms of marijuana differ in potency ratios and have different levels of effect depending on the nature of their formulation. The effect of marijuana consumption also varies by the delivery and intake mechanisms. Some consumption ways can cause marijuana dependence and addiction as compared to others but it should be noted that marijuana consumption in any form is simply not good for a healthy person except for medical conditions. 

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