10 ways to improve cannabis dispensary seo in 2021

In order to enhance potential user traffic on your “cannabis dispensary” website, the best digital marketing approach is to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is crucial to have an appropriate strategy for your cannabis dispensary as a core component to reach targeted audiences and gain handsome business profits. 

To get to know about all required SEO strategies for a cannabis dispensary at one glance, this article is a perfect-fit. Let’s have a look at the effective SEO strategies mentioned below.

Targeting keywords

Keywords dictate the website searches for your cannabis dispensary. If the searched query matches the optimized keywords, then your website will appear upon clients search request. Moreover, people will most likely seek dispensaries that will be in their reach or near to them in terms of location/region, so they define particular location while inputting search strings (i.e. “dispensary near me”, “dispensary in xyz”). You can compete for SEO ranking with enhanced efficiency if you target web searches by including geographic indicators into your keywords. 

Managing quality links 

Inbounding links from reputable sources can result in redirecting more user traffic towards your dispensary site as well as it will rank your site at higher order. The number of links determine the value offered to your website. It is because of the fact that search engines rank websites as per their value in terms of votes for the site.  Furthermore, hyperlinks are among the top SEO ranking factors. Cannabis dispensaries can add relevant links being a part of archives/directories of the cannabis industry (i.e. cannabis.net, marijuana business, etc.)

Creating high quality content

To attract anticipated clients, high quality and engaging content such as web pages, articles, blog posts, videos, or images is inevitable.  The main priority of search engines and search recommenders is to connect visitors to the most pertinent content in order to fulfill their search requirement. If a search engine finds the content present on your website, the most appropriate and valuable for a given keyword search, then your website will show up at an optimal rank.  blog articles. The idea to work on blog articles is beneficial as it contributes in creating up to date content about your cannabis dispensary periodically, increasing the worth of your website. 

Improving on-page SEO

The optimization of the web pages of your website in order to outshine among other similar websites. To highlight your presence on search engines, optimization on-page searches is essential. To do so, place keywords on eye catching locations of web pages such as page title, headers, footers etc. Make sure that you include your business information in an engaging manner and accurately. Also embed your business location along with google map so that visitors get familiar with your business profile in an easy way. 

Addressing schema markup

Google and other search engines acquire important information regarding web content through schema markup. In simpler words, schema markup refers to behind-the-scenes code of web pages which assists Google in order to understand in a clear way and rank the website accordingly. This factor is critical in SEO, also it can be very impactful. Google can also get information from this markup data so that it can display more consistent information about your website to visitors.

Managing citations

Citations, also known as references to your dispensary that are displayed across the internet. As a cannabis  business, you’re likely to be cited on the web, especially in directory, archives and review sites, and the respective citations include your business information i.e. brand name, address, phone number etc. You should ensure that your dispensary is listed in as many directories as possible, and cross check your business information all over as it should be accurate and matches across numerous websites like standard third-party sites i.e. google maps, apple maps, etc. In addition to it, especially take into account cannabis- specific directories as well. 

Setting up google business profile

Google business profile named as “Google My Business (GMB)” is  free of cost and easily accessible platform to manage the online existences of your cannabis dispensary. In other words, you have to set up your GMB to enhance the probability of high ranking of your website on search engines and it also maximizes the chance that visitors click through your cannabis dispensary website and get required information from your published content. 

 Managing user reviews

Most of the clients leave reviews about their experience of using a particular site or services provided by the site.  Google makes use of these reviews regarding user experience and user feedback to rank websites. Displaying clients reviews about your products/services is the best tactic to promote your cannabis dispensary and boosting its search ranking. Make sure to focus on enhancing the ratio of valuable customers leaving reviews and their feedback in order to highlight your business presence. 

Creating mobile-friendly website

In this age of smart and ubiquitous devices, mostly consumers use mobile devices to make online searches online. You should design a mobile friendly website of your cannabis dispensary. The layout of the website should be responsive that adjusts as per to screen size and customizes all the present information accordingly. Also, the navigation should be easy for the visitors and visual complexity of content should be reduced in order to engage the user. Search Engines such as google, award higher rank to those websites which are optimized in terms of mobile friendly experience.

Building business profiles on social media

It is of great importance to create a business profile of your cannabis dispensary  on popular social media platforms such as facebook, instagram etc. and employ an efficient marketing strategy in this regard. In this way, potential clients can get engaged in an effective manner as well as it will help to improve your SEO because your website will incorporate all the links of your business profiles present on all social media channels and build a communication bridge between all associated mediums. 


All the above-explained ways to improve SEO will assist you to grow the reach of your cannabis dispensary to targeted clients but you should get yourself up-to-date about the latest trends as the digital transformation is  taking place at a very fast pace and search ranking algorithms of search engines are continuously evolving with time. With the help of this guide, implement an intelligent strategy for your cannabis dispensary website in order to rank it at the top of the search results and accessed by maximum clients. 

Brett Stephens

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